Welcome to the Virtual Crowdfunding Summit 2015 Event Page!  The actuall summit will run from November 30th, 2015 to December 18th, 2015.  All events prior will be promoting the event summit and will highlight guests who will be participating in the summit.  Please RSVP for the events of your liking ahead of time and we looking forward to putting on an excellent summit!
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Better Than Saverage

Savannah Peterson has been taking products to market for the better part of a decade, through traditional financing means and manufacturing, always knowing there had to be a better way. The rise of crowdfunding and additive manufacturing have given birth to a new generation of entrepreneurs and removed the barriers we traditionally faced. Products now have an express track to market, and consumers now have the the power to decide what they want to even have the option buy. The key to succeeding in this new bustling space is knowing the landscape. That's where Better Than Saverage comes in. We facilitate your ideas journey from your mind to the marketplace. Starting with product market fit, we help you along your journey, building your brand and engaging your community every step of the way.

Better than Saverage's Savannah Peterson's Recent Appearances:

- IDEO Selected Host for Emerging Creative Communities Video

Videos & Media Articles on The Verge, BBC, Gizmodo, Fox News NY, The Wall Street Journal, and regular contributions to the 3D Printing press, like 3D Printing Industry and 3DPrint.com.

- One of only 14 speakers featured in the Austin Chronicle for SXSW14

- CNN dubbed Marketing Ninja (one throwback for fun)