Welcome to the Virtual Crowdfunding Summit 2015 Event Page!  The actuall summit will run from November 30th, 2015 to December 18th, 2015.  All events prior will be promoting the event summit and will highlight guests who will be participating in the summit.  Please RSVP for the events of your liking ahead of time and we looking forward to putting on an excellent summit!
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eLuminate Crowdfunding Backers Group

The eLuminate Crowdfunding Backers Group is the top crowdfunding community for backers and campaign creators.  Super-backers get access to exclusive perks and rewards, special member events, tailored campaign rewards, early project previews, and more.  Campaign creators get traction for their crowdfunding projects through exposure to a group of highly engaged backers. 

In 2012 eLuminate launched the first-ever crowdfunding conference for entrepreneurs.  The eLuminate Crowdfunding Backers Group is a service by eLuminate Entrepreneur Network, a media and content company that produces content -- conferences, interviews, panel discussions and Mastermind sessions -- with a focus on venture capital, angel investing, and crowdfunding.  Connect with eLuminate on Twitter via @eLuminateOnline and Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/eLuminate