Welcome to the Virtual Crowdfunding Summit 2015 Event Page!  The actuall summit will run from November 30th, 2015 to December 18th, 2015.  All events prior will be promoting the event summit and will highlight guests who will be participating in the summit.  Please RSVP for the events of your liking ahead of time and we looking forward to putting on an excellent summit!
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Barter trading made easier than ever!
In previous centuries, goods and services were offered in exchange without taking into consideration any kind of monetary value. Barter trading was a fundamental driver in the social and financial development of the first cradles of human civilization.
In a period of dramatic turmoil with continuous deterioration of the economic environment, rising unemployment and high borrowing costs, barter gives the opportunity to individuals and businesses to obtain goods and services without having to use cash.
Recognizing the need for alternative ways of trading, we developed an automated barter platform – tradenow : an on-line Barter Marketplace serving businesses and individuals that brings barter to a new level and makes trading easier than ever!
Our members are able to trade goods, services and real-estate, through a unique web-interactive experience, without having to use money.
Through the application of our unique and proprietary matching tools, tradenow enables businesses to trade excess capacity, and attract and retain customers. For individuals, tradenow offers a modern barter community where they can trade what they have in exchange for goods and services they want, without having to use money.
To further facilitate barter trading we have an internal complementary currency (Trade Point) to cover for differences in the values of the traded items.
The platform is designed to be simple, secure and user-friendly, making barter a unique web-interactive experience. The platform provides an end to end barter trading service through an automated matching system and a dedicated barter support team that thrives to cover the needs of our members for products and services.

Our Vision
Become the world's leading on-line barter network and make it a universal way of living

Our Mission
Provide our customers with the best end to end barter service through a unique web-interactive experience and a business partnering culture

Our Values
We act with trust towards society in everything we do
We believe in a reciprocal way of life
We anticipate our customer needs and we do everything in our power to fulfill them
We are dedicated in providing the best service to all of our members
We are an ethical and socially responsible organization